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dependable pest management real eastate transfer smallNo matter what your pest problem we will deliver the highest quality service. We always put our customers’ satisfaction first. Dependable Pest Management has been servicing clients with outstanding pest control services in Maryland and parts of Delaware for years. We guarantee you will be satisfied. If there is ever an issue after a service call you can feel free to contact us and we will come back and make sure your pest issue is 100% resolved. We look forward to working with you and invite you to explore all of the pest services that we provide below.

Our Pest Control Services include annual, monthly and quarterly programs; in addition to, one time services, free inspections and free estimates. All of our services help to solve your current and future pest problems and leave your home or business pest free! Some examples of the pests that we treat are ants, carpenter ants, roaches, silverfish, spiders, pantry pests, crickets, mice rats, all nesting bees, wasps, indoor moths, earwigs, fleas and many more. All services are performed with the safety of your family and pets as our first concern.

We ELIMINATE your pest problem, GUARANTEED.

Protecting Your Home From Pests

Termite Treating

Dependable Pest Management understands that in order to prevent and/or treat termites a thorough termite inspection must be done. Once your free inspection is complete, we develop a plan to eliminate the infestation and protect your home for years to come by using the safest and most effective materials in the industry today. Statistics show that you are more likely to have termite damage in the future than anything else that your homeowners insurance covers, such as fire, flood or theft? It’s true! This potential future damage can be prevented while you are in the process of building your home or business. Contact us while you’re in the planning stages, BEFORE construction begins and we will plan on saving you on future costs and frustrations.

Termite Plans

Dependable will treat your home with the latest methods and the safest materials available on the market today. We have services that will solve your current termite problem and continue to protect your home or business in the years to come. We also have preventative treatments, that will guard against future infestations ­ always a smart choice! And we offer programs that are designed to monitor your home for the invasion of termites and help protect against higher costs in the future.

Mosquito Program

Our mosquito control service includes a barrier treatment of foliage, vegetation areas (ground vegetation, not edible vegetation) and around buildings. For special occasions or special events, the service is completed either the day of or the day before the event. We use the most integrated and safe materials and techniques to service your property to insure the best measure of success. We also offer a special equestrian mosquito service.


Dependable helps protect our customers by offering peace of mind service against unwanted disease causing ticks. When ticks bite a person, the body reacts to proteins injected during feeding. This reaction often causes a red, raised area that may itch. The severity of the reaction varies depending on the person’s immune system. In the eastern United States, Blacklegged ticks are the primary vector of Lyme disease and the brown dog tick is known to transmit diseases to humans, including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Canine Babesiosus and Canine Ehrlichiosis. We work quickly and effectively with as little disruption as possible.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are relatively harmless, nonetheless, they are a nuisance and have an obnoxious odor that they emit when they sense danger or are crushed. Thankfully, they do not bite or sting, but can cause damage to your home if they are not controlled. Our certified technicians conduct a thorough inspection of both the interior and exterior of your home, looking for any cracks or gaps where stink bugs usually enter. They also inspect plants and shrubs around the outside of your home where Stink Bugs may be feeding. Once they have all of the information they need, the technician will apply and treat everywhere stink bugs invade.

Bed Bugs

We offer powerful, customized bed bug treatments that eliminate bed bugs where they live and breed. A certified technician will perform a free extensive inspection of your home or business, which includes all types of furniture, beds and linens.We work quickly and effectively with as little disruption as possible.

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